Shaun Logsdon Completes 2nd Year of Certified Auctioneer’s Institute at Indiana University


Shaun Logsdon, Auctioneer/Broker and Owner of The Logsdon Group recently completed his second year of the prestigious Certified Auctioneer’s Institute (CAI) at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

The Certified Auctioneers Institute is the most respected professional designation an auctioneer can acquire. Commonly referred to as CAI, the program focuses on developing the skills required to operate a successful auction firm and business.

CAI designees pride themselves on being a part of an extraordinary network of professional auctioneers who possess the knowledge and skills needed to provide their clients with outstanding services. The CAI designation communicates to attorneys, trust officers, government officials, accountants and others affiliated with the auction industry that you are committed to continuing education and are dedicated to professionalism, integrity and excellence in the auction profession.

CAI is a program completed over a three-year period (CAI I, CAI II, CAI III). Every March, auctioneers from across the world get together for a week of intensive training. In addition to classroom instruction, CAI students network with fellow auctioneers and develop lasting business partnerships, mentoring relationships, and friendships.

Logsdon recently opened a new office and Auction Center at 2639 Owensboro Road in Leitchfield, Kentucky. To learn more about Logsdon, please call 502.657.9534, email or visit

Logsdon is a member of the National Auctioneers Association. For more information about the NAA, contact (913) 541-8084 or visit

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